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Welcome To The Club

We are thrilled that you've decided to join our 50 Club! By joining us, you've stepped into a wonderful group of friends. These are people just like you, who love using CBD products and appreciate the awesome value that our club provides.

Being a part of the 50 Club is like being part of a special team. We all enjoy the same great CBD products, but for only half the price! This means we can try more things, learn more about what we like, and always have our favorite CBD items on hand.

In the 50 Club, we also share our experiences and stories. We learn from each other about how different CBD products help us feel better, sleep better, and enjoy life more. It's like a big, happy family that's always ready to support each other.

So, welcome again to the 50 Club! We're excited to have you here and can't wait to share this journey with you. We're sure you'll love being part of our special group of friends!

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What to expect?

What Can You Do Now?

  1. Shop!: You can now buy any of our 4000+ CBD products at 50% off. So start shopping and save big!

  2. Explore!: Learn more about our top brands like CBD Brothers, Orange County CBD, and Endoca. They make amazing products you'll love.

  3. Share!: Tell your friends about the 50 Club. The more the merrier!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 50 Club?

The 50 Club is a special group for people who love CBD products. When you join the 50 Club, you can buy any of our 4000+ CBD products for only half the price!

How much does it cost to join the 50 Club?

Normally, it costs £39.99 a month to be a member of the 50 Club. But guess what? Right now, you can join for only £19.99 a month!

Can anyone join the 50 Club?

Yes, anyone can join! If you're over 18 and love CBD, the 50 Club is for you. Just remember, kids can't join because you have to be over 18 to buy CBD.

What happens after I join the 50 Club?

After you join, you can start shopping right away! You can buy any CBD product you want for half the price. And don't worry, we'll send you a welcome email with all the details you need to start shopping.

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