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The Top 5 Most Harmful Drugs in the UK

The Top 5 Most Harmful Drugs in the UK

Connor J Manager

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The Top 5 Most Harmful Drugs in the UK

The Top 5 Most Harmful Drugs in the UK

Actually before I begin, it must be said that this is a fairly controversial subject among drug researchers and policy makers. Most information on this subject tends to lean towards a natural bias. This is because ‘drug ranking’ has been criticised with accusations that claim that for this reason, they tend to do more harm than good.
However, in 2017 the UK based research group ‘The Lancet’ conducted an in depth study into the harms of drug abuse in the UK. They explored both internal and external areas such as personal harm. They highlighted developing dependence, increased violent tendencies and declines in economic productivity and drew up a comprehensive ranking of drug harm in the UK.
#5 Cocaine
The powder that has been the cause of pointless conversations that have no sensible conclusion since the 1980’s ranked 5th on the most harmful drugs list. A caused shift in brain chemistry leaves this drug being almost twice as harmful to the user as ecstasy and LSD.

#4 Methamphetamine

Walter White’s favourite narcotic ranks 4th on the harmful drugs list. Methamphetamine is a strong nervous system stimulant that causes ridiculous amounts of harm to the user which eventually leaves the user turning to psychosis.

#3 Crack Cocaine

According to ‘The Lancet’, this drug causes the most internal harm to the end user. Crack Cocaine is a freebase version of cocaine which ruins external aspects of users lives as well as leaving users with long term damage. The most common of which is aggression, mood swings and episodes of psychosis.

#2 Heroin

We’ve all seen Trainspotting. The disgusting realities of this drugs has been highlighted by mainstream media for decades. Heroin ranked 2nd on the list due to both it’s overall external and internal harm to the user. No real surprise here. Heroin has been causing havoc in societies around the world for centuries and unless policy changes are made, will continue to do so for years to come.

#1 Alcohol

…AND NUMBER ONE. Going for a pint on a Saturday is actually the worst thing you could be doing this weekend. Alcohol ranked 1st on the list due to it’s external harm to others. There may however be some distortion to this statistic as the availability of alcohol in comparison to the other drugs listed here is much higher but it’s no secret that us ‘Boozy Brits’ are infamous for our drink culture and the after effects of which can be seen in A&E’s up and down the country every weekend.
So… Where did Cannabis rank?
Well, see for yourself. Below is the findings of The Lancet’s report. Some of the findings may surprise you immensely. If you are interested in trying our CBD oils please visit the link below. Our CBD Oils start from just £14.99! If you liked this article, find more CBD related and worldly news here!
Anyway.. Here’s the chart!
Source: “Drug Harms in the UK”, The Lancet 2010
We must mention that we absolutely do not condone drug use. Not even the ‘safe’ ones. If you have any questions in relation to this article or any of our services that we other, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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