Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD oil products. All of our CBD oil products are handpicked & third party tested in order to ensure that you receive premium grade CBD oil products. In addition to this, we offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders (no matter how big or small.


Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD oil products. We offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders!

What Does The Science Say About CBD Oil?

For very good reason, CBD has been regarded as “nature’s miracle” by users around the globe due to the potential benefits that Cannabinoids possess. Those Cannabinoids are found in our CBD Oils and other CBD products…

But before we go any further, let’s discuss the question of; what are CBD oils? Many people these days are looking for natural solutions. By tapping into the physiological function of the human body on a deeper level, CBD may be able to support some level of added value. This makes CBD an exciting option.

Before we progress, we would like to discuss the popular questions “What Are CBD Oils?”. A lot of peoples these days are seeking natural solutions. Due to the active cannabinoids within, CBD may able to tap into deep physiological functions within the human body and add some value. In turn, this makes CBD an exciting option.

CBD Oils are the most readily available and most typical way to consume CBD, through what is referred to as a “CBD Oil tincture”. These CBD Oil tinctures can be consumed by applying 3 – 4 drops under then tongue and holding the oil in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. Our CBD Oil is natural in flavour, which means that it can be added to water, tea, smoothies or even your favourite meal!

You may find that there are several kinds of CBD Oil and this leading you to become slightly confused! Let’s clear this is up here. There are various extraction methods by which you can derive CBD from the hemp plant to create CBD oil. The two main ways are Full-Spectrum and CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids.

CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, allows CBD to be extracted with other active cannabinoids. Our oils contain full spectrum extract instead of isolate because it has been found that the effects of CBD oil are more active when other Cannabinoids (such as CBN and CBG) are also present. This is what is known as the entourage effect. The theory is that all of the compounds work together in synergy to product the best effects possible. That is why THECBDSHOP.CO.UK sells full-spectrum CBD Oil. We also therefore provide full product strength breakdowns of all of the cannabinoids present in our CBD Oils, within our listing descriptions!

There are many ways for CBD to be extracted from the hemp plant. The best CBD Oils are extracted via a Super Critical CO₂ Extraction Process, which is what we use here at THECBDSHOP.CO.UK. This extractions method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure to isolate, preserve and maintain the purity of CBD, other active cannabinoids and terpenes. The CO₂ method allows us to enhance the CBD content as well as ensuring that all of our products are 100% natural and solvent free! This is because CO₂ Extraction does not use any toxic or harmful substances.

When approached about CBD Oils, we are commonly asked about CBD concentration. High doses of CBD are likely to produce more profound effects however, it is not recommended to start with a high amount of CBD Oil in the beginning. You are able to start off low and work your way up until you reach your desired goals that you want to achieve from CBD Oil. By observing effects over several days or even weeks, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to find what works best for you. Once those adjustments have been made, you will be able to establish which strength of CBD Oil suits you best.

You may be asking yourself, ‘but how does all of this work?’. Great question! This all essentially comes down to what is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). A neurological network that runs throughout the human anatomy, the ETC includes thousands of receptors that interact with cannabinoids and CBD Oil. This of course, is dependent on the specific cannabinoid that is consumed. In our case, we sell CBD in the form of CBD Oil.

THECBDSHOP: One of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of CBD Oil

Hopefully by now, you’re aware of what thecbdshop.co.uk stands for; to offer extraordinary CBD oil and CBD products at ordinary prices. This term ‘extraordinary’ is true in terms of quality, effectiveness and value for money. This is due in part to the industry gold standard extraction method used during the crafting process, and also due to our dedication and commitment to source superior CBD…

Recapping, this process begins with the source; some of Europe’s highest quality, organic hemp. We have unashamedly dedicated a lot of time to ensure this raw material is some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer. This hemp is then processed via a CO2 extraction method to create a full-spectrum material that plentiful in CBD and other beneficial natural hemp compounds. This includes, but is not limited to, terpenes, flavonoids and phytocannabinoids.

It’s no surprise therefore, THECBDSHOP.CO.UK has been propelled into one of the UK’s leading and most trusted CBD oil suppliers. Not only is it no surprise, it’s also no accident. We have taken measures and time to craft products that are leading the CBD industry, from label design to overall effectiveness. Each and every aspect of our products and company foundations has been carefully considered. There are good reasons why we have so many 5 star trust pilot reviews, why our customers return happy, and why we have become a relied upon brand. These reasons are quality and value. This is quality and value across the board, from CBD oil effectiveness, to quality customer care, to quality designs.

How to Buy CBD Oil UK Products Online

Buying CBD Oil from us here at the THECBDSHOP.CO.UK is very easy. Simply navigate yourself through our CBD products page, add to cart the products that catch your eye, proceed to checkout once you’re done browsing, input one of our discount offers if applicable, and sit back in eager anticipation while we prep your order and send it your way…

In the UK, cannabis is currently a controlled substance as classified by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. A follow-up to this law, called the Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act 2001, placed cannabis under Schedule 1. This is the category for substances that have no medicinal value. However, this is the schedule that is now currently under review.

Cannabis plants consist of more than 100 different cannabinoids that all have different effects on the body, and are found to different extents in different parts of the plant. The most well-known of these are CBD and THC. THC is known for its psychoactive effects – it gets users high, while CBD doesn’t have this effect.

Almost all cannabinoids are controlled substances and fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act. However, CBD is not on this list. For instance, industrial hemp can legally be grown in the UK because it’s a strain of the cannabis plant that has very little to no THC, but is full of CBD.

What does this mean for CBD oil? Many full-spectrum CBD oils contain traces of THC so this could pose a problem for many brands. As stated by the Home Office, CBD oil can contain a maximum amount of 0.2% THC, and the THC mustn’t easily be separated from it.

Our CBD oils are well within the legality of the law because our products contain less than 0.05% of THC. Our CBD oils are at the forefront of the industry in terms of Hemp Based Formulas and we only manufacture CBD Oil products with high quality, high content CBD extracts that are full of other Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and terpenes but with next to no levels of THC.

Now that CBD Oil is legal in the UK, the popularity and ready availability of the product has increased. CBD oil is sold in the UK as a “Food Supplement” and it is illegal to promote any health benefits of CBD Oil.

In recent times, there have been cases of popular high street stores selling ‘CBD Oil’ that has in fact just been bottled up hemp seed oil which contains no active CBD what-so-ever. It is therefore important to bear this in mind when making a CBD Oil purchase as most high street stores do not sell their products with 3rd party independent tests.

What Is ‘Full-Spectrum’ CBD Oil?

Since the market is becoming more and more saturated with substandard products, and more and more companies are jumping onto the CBD bandwagon, you may still have questions about the CBD jargon, availability and reliability of full-spectrum CBD oils. That’s fair enough…

Why you want to use CBD oil will have a profound effect on the strength of the CBD Oil that you purchase. As every human anatomy is different, one person may feel effects with just a few drops where as another person may not. Therefore, the latter person may want to try a higher strength CBD Oil. There are also many other factors that one needs to consider when purchase CBD Oil.

THECBDSHOP.CO.UK sells full-spectrum CBD oil and all of our CBD Oils are made with a boosted terpene profile which ensures that there is an enhancement of what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Every single formula that we sell has been laboratory tested to ensure that we can verify the CBD content as well as other compounds such as: CBDa, CBDv and CBG. Any of our CBD oils contain well below the legal amount of THC allowed, which ensures that all of our CBD Oil products are completely legal.

So how do we create the best CBD Oil? THECBDSHOP.CO.UK aims to create the most high quality CBD oil by providing absolute transparency about what is in our products and pricing them ethically so that they are affordable to all and allows everyone to extract as much value out of our products as possible. Further to this, our CBD oil products have been lab tested at every stage of the production process which ensures that they are free from any herbicides, pesticides, chemical solvents and heavy metals.

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