CBD E-Liquid

Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD oil products. We offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders!

CBD E-Liquid

Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD E-Liquid products. All of our CBD E-Liquid products are handpicked and third party tested in order to ensure that you receive premium grade CBD E-Liquid products. In addition to this, we offer free shipping on all CBD E-Liquid orders (no matter how big or small!)


THECBDSHOP.CO.UK offers specifically designed CBD vape liquid which can be added to your own personal favourite e-liquid flavour. Not only that, our e-liquid formulations can be used in a cartridge and vaped by itself.

We’ve taken great care to craft a hemp cannabinoid formula that ensures our CBD vape juice offers the positive effects that CBD shows to have. Vaping maybe a preferable option for some users to consume CBD for various reasons:

+ Taste: A common complaint with CBD products is aimed towards the ‘earthy’ taste that comes with CBD oils. Said taste is a given in such a natural product, however, by mixing our CBD e-liquid with your favourite flavour vape juice, that signature ‘earthy’ taste can be masked.

+ Ease of Use: If you’re a newbie at vaping, simply add a couple of drops of our CBD e-liquid into a refillable cartridge and slowly inhale as you normally would. Otherwise, our CBD e-liquid can be used like any other e-liquid.

+ Speedy: The CBD infused vapour is absorbed directly by the lungs and then quickly enters the bloodstream. This is significantly quicker than regular application of CBD oil through ingestion.

We are committed here at thecbdshop.co.uk to bringing you the best quality CBD products on the market, and we are continuously looking at ways to improve our products based on consumer feedback, CBD advancements, and continuous research.

Are UK CBD Oil Vape Products Safe to Use?

CBD has a good safety profile, according to the WHO. However, unfortunately, due to the rapid expansion of CBD products in the UK, with a large amount remaining unregulated, a lot of companies offer sub-standard products which have been shown to have harmful substances…

Quality is therefore everything, so when purchasing CBD e-liquid, it is not the CBD itself which you have to worry about, but rather the quality of the product. Your best bet when looking for CBD e-liquids is choosing a reputable brand that clearly lists its ingredients. At the cbdshop.co.uk, we encourage you to only buy from suppliers who offer an accurate ingredient list so that you can be assured with your purchase.

As mentioned, the fast acting quality of CBD vape juice is one of the characteristics that make it so popular amongst CBD users. Here at thecbdshop.co.uk, we offer a variety of strengths of CBD e-liquid in order to give you the a diverse range of options when choosing your CBD product. With our e-liquid, you will quickly feel the beneficial effects of CBD.

How to Buy CBD Vape Oil UK Products Online?

Buying CBD e-liquid from us here at the THECBDSHOP.CO.UK is very easy. Simply navigate yourself through our CBD products page, add to cart the products that catch your eye, proceed to checkout once you’re done browsing, input one of our discount offers if applicable, and sit back in eager anticipation while we prep your order and send it your way…

If the ease of purchasing and the quality of our products isn’t enough to convince you to try our CBD products, navigate yourself to our verified reviews and read our countless testimonials for our various products. Unlike many other companies, we offer free shipping on all order and aim to dispatch them the next working day, between Monday-Friday if ordered after 1pm. Easy right?!

The CBD we use is sourced from a 100% organic family owned hemp farm in Germany, and is then extracted in the Netherlands using industry gold standard C02 extraction systems. It is our commitment to you to provide you with the highest quality CBD e-liquids, and CBD oils/CBD bath bombs/CBD salves for that matter. Here at thecbdshop.co.uk, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the naturally sourced ingredients used throughout.

THECBDSHOP.CO.UK; High Quality CBD E-Liquid Products

As mentioned, it’s important to do your research before buying CBD e-liquids. As you know, you should be careful about what you put into your body, or while vaping, what you’re passively putting into other people’s bodies. It is therefore important that you have assurance that you are buying a high quality CBD e-liquid that has all the beneficial effects that CBD shows to have…

Until thorough regulations are proposed and upheld in the UK, the market will unfortunately be littered with substandard products that can be harmful to you others around. That is why you should purchase from reputable brands, such as thecbdshop.co.uk, that clearly list ingredients and have countless reviews.

Our reviews are easily accessible; either scroll down to the bottom of our product pages, or simply search for reviews in an online search engine. Other people’s preferences with regards to strength, or what flavours they mix their CBD e-liquids with, or whether they vape the CBD e-liquid by itself, may inform your own decision when deciding what strength to purchase from us here. Whatever your preference may be, we’re confident that you’ll find something you like at thecbdshop.co.uk.

Vaping is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, and like all of our products, including CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD bath bombs and CBD salves, our CBD e-liquid does not contain any psychoactive ingredients, and when vaped, will not make you “high”.

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