CBD Bath Bombs

Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD oil products. We offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders!

CBD Bath Bombs

Shop a huge selection of high quality CBD Bath Bomb products. All of our CBD Bath Bomb products are handpicked and third party tested in order to ensure that you receive premium grade CBD Bath Bomb products. In addition to this, we offer free shipping on all CBD Bath Bomb orders (no matter how big or small!)


It is incredibly important to understand what goes into high quality CBD Oil. It is also important to understand the effects and differences in the CBD Oils that we sell at THECBDSHOP.CO.UK. We offer various different strengths for a reason, not for fun…

Why you want to use CBD oil will have a profound effect on the strength of the CBD Oil that you purchase. As every human anatomy is different, one person may feel effects with just a few drops where as another person may not. Therefore, the latter person may want to try a higher strength CBD Oil. There are also many other factors that one needs to consider when purchase CBD Oil.

THECBDSHOP.CO.UK sells full-spectrum CBD oil and all of our CBD Oils are made with a boosted terpene profile which ensures that there is an enhancement of what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Every single formula that we sell has been laboratory tested to ensure that we can verify the CBD content as well as other compounds such as: CBDa, CBDv and CBG. Any of our CBD oils contain well below the legal amount of THC allowed, which ensures that all of our CBD Oil products are completely legal.

So how do we create the best CBD Oil? THECBDSHOP.CO.UK aims to create the most high quality CBD oil by providing absolute transparency about what is in our products and pricing them ethically so that they are affordable to all and allows everyone to extract as much value out of our products as possible. Further to this, our CBD oil products have been lab tested at every stage of the production process which ensures that they are free from any herbicides, pesticides, chemical solvents and heavy metals.

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