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TPD Compliance

The TPD Compliance Process

It is our aim to make sure that all the products we sell here at THECBDSHOP.CO.UK comply with the TPD regulations. Find out more below about what the TPD regulations are and what they mean for our customers.

TPD - What Is It?

What Is The Reason That We Do What We Do?

It is short for the Tobacco Products Directive (Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD)), an EU initiative that is aimed at regulating tobacco products, how they are advertised, and how they are sold to consumers through the regulation of tobacco products. In order to increase the awareness and protection of consumers about tobacco products, it is based on a principle of increasing health protection. Basically, the TPD covers every aspect of tobacco production and retail, including how it is manufactured, where it can be sold, how it can be displayed, what its packaging looks like, and how it is sold.

This regulation applies to all tobacco products, including rolling tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, vaping technology, and e-liquids. The regulations ensure ingredients are tested before they're sold to consumers and must be clearly stated on the packaging. Additionally, the Tobacco Products Act regulates how people can use tobacco products, as well as where they can be taxed.

In What Ways Does It Apply To Vaping?

Even though vaping products do not contain tobacco leaf itself, they are still considered tobacco products, and they are not classified as tobacco products as such. The reason for this is that much of the nicotine that is used in e-liquid is distilled from the tobacco plant because it contains the highest concentration of nicotine in any plant. In addition to synthetic nicotine, there are now products containing nicotine that are subject to the TPD regulations.

In What Year Did It Come Into Effect?

This TPD was passed into law on the 20th of May 2016 and was established in May 2014, making it mandatory for vaping retailers to sell any stock that was noncompliant by this date. The result has been that some brands that were once available on the shelves are now no longer on shelves, and the way in which e-liquids are sold has changed as well.

How Do The Regulations Affect Vaping?

E-cigarette regulations affect the size of e-cigarettes and how e-liquid is sold. From a consumer's perspective, much of it remains the same. The main change was the labeling of e-cigarettes.

  • Tanks for e-cigarettes, pod systems, and disposable vapes can now hold a maximum of 2ml.
  • A 10ml bottle is now the maximum bottle size that can be used for e-liquids that contain nicotine.
  • Unlike the States where you can get nicotine e-liquid as strong as 50mg, you can only get nicotine e-liquid as strong as 20mg.
  • Packaging must be child-resistant for e-liquids containing nicotine.
    Caffeine and taurine are prohibited.
  • Product packaging must indicate nicotine content and advertise nicotine’s addictive properties.
  • MHRA approval is required for all e-cigarettes and e-liquids

How Do The Regulations Affect Vaping?

Whether you're purchasing a tank on its own or as part of a kit, all of our tanks are under the 2ml maximum capacity set out by TPD. There are 10ml maximum capacity bottles for nicotine-containing e-liquids. You can now purchase short fill bottles if you want larger bottles that contain nicotine. They're larger bottles of e-liquid that you mix with a 10ml bottle of concentrated nicotine. Each of the e-liquids produced by Vape House has been submitted and notified to the MHRA for certification, all of which have passed and are TPD compliant. In addition to being taurine-free, all of our products are diacetyl-free, which has been attributed to popcorn lung. All of the ingredients in e-liquids are listed on their packaging, as well as a warning about nicotine. Most of these changes have been in place before you bought your first e-cigarette, if you're new to vaping. You can contact our customer support team via email on our website if you have any questions or want to chat about TPD.