Home Isolation Workout

Home Isolation Workout

Let me ask you a question, what is your perception of a Gym?

This might seem like a simple question right? For some people a gym is a part of their daily lifestyle and crucial part of their  social circle. For other people, it is a totalitarian fundamentalism where routines must be followed to a tee. For these people, every lift of a barbell must be followed through with the correct form and unless exactly forty-five minutes of cardio was executed that day, you might as well have stayed at home.

But all of this isn’t true, believe it or not, your home can be your gym. How? Calisthenics. I mean, if it was good enough for Ninja’s, it should be good enough for you, right?!

So, what is Calisthenics?

In short, calisthenics is exercising using just your bodyweight as resistance.  It is therefore a balance between aerobic and anaerobic exercise which is the perfect home workout for the current home isolation period.

There are also a few other reasons that you should try it: –

  • It helps you become stronger and leaner whilst lowering the potential risk of exercise related injury.
  • Unlike most workouts, calisthenics as a home workout can be fun!
  • For all of you penny pinchers out there, there are zero gym costs.
  • You get to choose where you exercise!

To add to this, calisthenics is perfect for beginners and as a result is the perfect home isolation workout method because it is straight-forward and easy to follow.

Home Isolation Workout – Let’s Begin!

With the aid of Madbarz, we have put together the perfect weekly home isolation workout!

But before we go, do not forget to WARM UP. Warming up reduces the risk of injury and nasty post workout DOMS. We have found the perfect home warm up here.

Ready? Let’s GO!

Monday, No Equipment Day!

Here are the rules, you can have a five minute rest after every set and 30 second rest between each exercise.

4 Sets:

  • Max Plank (Hold plank for 30 seconds if you’re a complete beginner)
  • 8 Squats
  • 8 Lunges (each leg)
  • 8 Push Ups
  • 8 Laying Down Leg Raises
  • Max Mountain Climbers (Do 20 each leg if you’re just starting)
  • 8 Pike Push Ups

This particular routine is perfect way to start your home isolation workout because it requires absolutely no equipment. You can therefore perform these exercises in any room of your home as long as there is an appropriate amount of space surrounding you!

Tuesday, Getting To Grips With The Basics!

If you are still aching from the previous day, it is okay to skip this one however, if you are ready to go, let’s do it.

4 Sets:

  • 7 Close Hands Chin Ups
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 6 Dips
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 5 Leg Raises
  • 9 Jump Squats
  • 15 Australian Pull Ups

Tuesday’s workout routine is a fantastic way to introduce beginners into using bar’s. Bars are a used quite frequently in calisthenics and you can pick one up for really cheap on Amazon or Ebay. Don’t worry, if you do not want to but a bar, push up’s can all suffice.

Wednesday, Rest Day!

Resting is a crucial part to any home isolation workout routine. When we rest, it allows our body to rest and repair itself. CBD Oil contributes to overall wellness and some studies have shown that CBD works as a natural anti-inflammatory. You can get 10% off of your first CBD Oil order when you use the promotion code ‘10OFF’.

Back to it, are you ready to go again? Good.

Thursday, The Go Hard or Go Home Day!

Now that you are rested, we can push a teeny bit harder for today’s home isolation workout!

4 Sets:

  • 20 Wide Push Ups
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 60 Second Wall Sit
  • 15 Clap Push Ups
  • 30 Second Superman Hold
  • 30 Squats
  • 60 Second Plank

Today’s workout combines a lot of compound exercises which are exercises that combine multiple muscle groups. The perfect workout since you have had a day off!

Friday (Also Known As Fat Busting Day!)

4 Sets:

  • 100 Meter Run
  • 5 Dips
  • 45 Second Jumping Jacks
  • 8 Push Ups
  • 30 Second Alternating High Knees
  • 30 Second Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Second Plank

The last day of our home isolation workout, we are aiming to use your home to perform static cardio exercises. These exercises really get your heart racing which as a result contributes highly to fat burning.

Saturday and Sunday

That was a busy week! The UK Government has authorised the use of exercise. We therefore encourage you to take advantage on these days to rest and go for a walk or a light run for at least half an hour! Remember to social distance and stay at least 2 meters apart from anyone else.

We hope that this guide has helped you think of ways that you can exercise at home during this isolation. Please stay safe.

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