CBD E-Liquid Review – KOI (Video)

We get a lot of emails from people that are transitioning from vaping to CBD and unfortunately, no-one who works for us is a vaping connoisseur.

Late last night, I browsing the internet (I was unable to sleep because the dog was keeping me awake by his earthquake like snoring at the bottom of the bed) and I stumbled upon a review of KOI CBD and I thought that it may prove useful for anyone looking towards vaping and E-Liquid. We ourselves sell a 50/50 DIY Flavour CBD E-Liquid however, at the moment we are unable to provide flavours and therefore, this review might prove useful to you and helping the CBD community gives us more joy than the opportunity to snatch a quick profit.


Anyway, enough of my pet induced insomnia babbling; here’s the video!

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