Trump Administration Planning to Ban CBD?

Does the Trump Administration plan on banning CBD? Kyle Kulinski from the popular Youtube channel ‘Secular Talk’ seems to think so. In the video attached below, Kyle says that the DEA is planning to put CBD in the same drug category as Heroin despite its’ non-psychoactive nature. Watch the video and decipher for yourself what […]

Giving CBD to Pets 101

There’s a popular medicinal herb you can give your dog these days … … and it’s called cannabis. Dog owners are using it to help their pets with a wide range of ailments – from anxiety to arthritis to cancer. Are dogs going to pot? Not exactly. The cannabis dogs are taking is hemp, not […]

CBD E-Liquid Review – KOI (Video)

We get a lot of emails from people that are transitioning from vaping to CBD and unfortunately, no-one who works for us is a vaping connoisseur. Late last night, I browsing the internet (I was unable to sleep because the dog was keeping me awake by his earthquake like snoring at the bottom of the […]

Joe Rogan Talks About CBD

Joe Rogan and Jeff Novitzky (Vice President of Athlete and Health UFC) talk about the benefits and their personal experiences of using CBD. Jeff also tells the story about how he changed the rule of banning CBD use within 4 hours after an event due to it’s medicinal non sports enhancing benefits.   If you […]